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International rally 14.-18. May 2010 in Hungary


1.day at 14-th.May, Friday: arrive to Hungary/Gardony at the beach of Velencei to, build tent or get the rooms from the Hotel and we cook anything together.

2.day at 15-th.May, Saturday: we wake up, we get our bikes and drive together to Pusztavacs. We spend the time there during the day. There will be same programs, CX-GL beauty contest etc. We will afternoon back to Gardony. Somebody who want alcohol can stay Pusztavacs and next morning come back to Gardony.

3.day at 16-th. May, Sunday: we wake up, we get our bikes and drive together to Dunaujvaros. We take off our bikes in safe and get a ship. We will sailing a bit. We will have a program to the full day. We will have the possibility to look and try the life from the original Hungarian people… with horses, with bow, whip, the food etc. At the end will back to the bikes and Gardony.

4.day at 17-th. May, Monday: we wake up, we get our bikes and we will make a round trip around the Hungarian see, the Balaton. The wetter will be warm and beauty, the people who want can have a swim… we will eat in restaurants and back to Gardony.

5.day at 18-th. May, Tuesday: we wake up, leave, Ladys to the airport and good by!
We will drive every days 100 – 200 km. together. I do not know now the cost exactly. Everybody can pay self or I will collect… I do not know yet.


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